Thursday, 11 September 2014


 This is difficult and painful digestion. Dyspepsia is known commonly as indigestion.

 Its manifestation includes eructation, flatulence, discomfort or abdominal distension and acidity.

In some cases, dyspepsia has an organic cause, and may even be an early symptom of serious illness. However, it is more usual that it be functional, due to inappropriate diet or unhealthy habits. It is essential to correct these causes in order to cure functional dyspepsia. If this is not done, it may evolve to gastritis and stomach ulcer.

These factors can produce or aggravate dyspepsia:
  • Chewing food insufficiently (eating too fast)
  • Eating at irregular hours
  • Stress or nervous tension
  • A diet rich in fried foods, preserves, and pickled foods (preserved in vinegar), as  is usually the case with "Junk food".
  • Excess fat and consumption of foods that often cause digestive intolerance such as milk.
  • Excess liquid, particularly carbonated soft drinks and beer.                                                                                                         Reduce or eliminate                                     Increase
  • Fried foods                                                     - Sprouts
  • Hot spices                                                      - Whole Grains
  • Alcoholic beverages                                     - Salads
  • Coffee                                                           - Pawpaw
  • Vinegar                                                         - Squash
  • Soft drinks
  • Total fat
  • Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Shellfish

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