Monday, 22 September 2014


Our health depends on the sum total of many small decisions that we take each day, in other words, our lifestyle.

The decisions we make that most affect our health have to do with the foods we eat.

Poor diet and nutrition are major contributory risk factors for ill health and premature death. It is therefore very important to get a grip on the quality and the quantity of fuel with put in our body and how they aid our systems to perform optimally.

If we were to liken our body to a diesel run car, if petrol or adulterated fuel was put in the car instead, imagine the undesirable consequences that can follow. Obviously, the car will probably ignite and move to a short distance until it runs out of reserve and completely stops. Unhealthy dietary practices can do the same to our bodies this includes high consumption of fried and fatty foods, salt, refined carbohydrate, low consumption of fruits and vegetables.

We must continually decide which foods to select and how best they are prepared. The more complete the information we have concerning available foods, the easier it is to make the best choices for health.

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