Thursday, 9 April 2015

Whole foods: nutritional value of oranges

Oranges contain moderate amounts of sugars. They are contain minerals such as potassium and calcium which stands out, iron and magnesium are present in smaller amounts. 

In addition to vitaminC, oranges contain carotenoids that are responsible for their typical color, vitaminB1 and vitaminB2. 

They contain folic acid an essential nutrient for proper development of the fetal nervous system.

It is discovered that there are about 170 different phytochemicals in orange.

They are rich in vegetable fiber which fights cholesterol.

Eating oranges daily is indicated for not colds and flu, but for any type of infectious disease, including those associated with childhood, and even AIDS. 

Regular orange consumption, including the pulp, and even the white inner peel, is associated with reduced blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and lower risk of arteriosclerosis, arterial thrombosis and heart disease.

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