Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Consumption of onions as a remedy for many ailments


I recommend the consumption of onions as a remedy for many ailments.

The consumption of onions is important because of its therapeutic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and other beneficial properties. Onions is a vegetable that gives an excellent taste to dishes and can be found in different colours such as yellow, red and white. It also has low calorie, while proteins are present in small portions with negligible fat content.

Onions help prevent thrombosis; a formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel, obstructing the flow of blood through the circulatory system. This is because they have anti-platelet adhesiveness both in fresh onions as well as cooked onions and has been found to be very good for people suffering from high blood pressure. Also, they are diuretic and can increase secretion of urine, as well as alkalise foods. They help reduce inflammation and are beneficial for those suffering from neuritis; vertigo and bronchitis as regular consumption of onions also prevents colon cancer.They contain essential oils that are responsible for onions typical odour

The vegetable fibre diminishes the absorption of cholesterol and anti-diabetic action which delays the passage of sugar into the blood stream which is good for people with diabetes and can improve the hair, finger, toe nails and the eyes.

Onions have anti-allergy properties; they are slight laxatives and help the body in destroying worms and other parasites. Researchers have revealed that onions prolong longevity and extracts from onions are rich in a variety of sulphides and provided some protection against tumour growth. They also stimulate the detoxifying function of the liver as well as improve the activity of other digestive juice producing glands and studies had shown that people, who eat onions and garlic, have much lower risk of developing stomach cancer.

Therefore, abundant onions consumption is fully justified as a cancer preventive and as a complement to the treatment of certain type of cancer such as that of the stomach and the colon.

Eating raw onions can stop or relieve an asthma crisis because of its anti-allergic and broncho-dilator properties which effects can last up to twelve hours.

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