Friday, 7 June 2013

Junk Food and Health

Junk food also referred to as fast food simply refers to ready to eat convenient foods from an eatery, bukertaria etc

Asides the convenience of ready to eat meal, fast foods also offer a variety of menu which affords the individual eating a complete meal without the stress of preparation.

Creating a balance in our choice of fast food I believe goes a long way in affecting our nutritional and health status.

The first thing to consider is the type or choice of fast food restaurant we patronize, important things to look out for are the look and feel of the restaurant, the standard of the restaurant that is the quality of food cooked and served.

The most important factor is the knowledge of the consumers about their health status, making a good choice at fast food restaurant especially knowing the foods that are nutritionally balanced and healthy for you, for example excess feeding on calories causes obesity.

The relationship between hypertension, fast food and obesity is associated with today's increasingly on the go lifestyle, advances in telecommunication and transportation, access to fast food chain and the easy convenience of these location has increased the prevalence of hypertension.

Regular consumption cause promotion of too many calories which can lead to weight gain and obesity, research has shown that people who eat fast food consume more calories than the people who do not. Those who consume fast food also consume more fat, saturated fat, and sodium while consuming fewer fruits and vegetables.

It is therefore important to make the right choice of a restaurant  to eat in as well as the right type of food to consume in other to improve our overall health. As the saying goes knowledge is wealth and most importantly Discipline.

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