Monday, 18 August 2014



Thank God it’s Monday!  Time to reset, work on our goals health wise and all other aspects of our life. We have to cultivate a lifestyle that agrees with progress. Our health depends on the small decisions that we take each day and the decision we make that most affect our health have to do with the foods we eat. I will be sharing with us why we should go meatless on Mondays*

 Reasons to go Meatless on Mondays
  • Studies have shown that those who consume a high amount of red and processed meat have a significantly higher risk of overall mortality, cancer mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality
  • Dramatically decrease your risk of heart disease
  • Going meatless one day a week may help curb obesity
  •  Improve your diet
  • Improve your chances of living a longer, healthier life by skipping meat once a week.
  •  Showcase your creativity in the kitchen with vegetable rich dishes
  • Meat isn’t the only source of protein; try nuts, beans, quinoa, and eggs
  • Think of all the money you’ll save!
  • Starting your week on a meat-free note might inspire you to eat healthier throughout the week
  • Limit your risk of cancer
  • When you nix meat once a week, you can supplement your meals with fiber-rich filling grains (barley, quinoa, brown rice, etc.).

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