Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Product Review of the Week : Peak Evaporated Milk

Product Name: Peak Evaporated Milk a brand of FrieslandCampina

Nutritionals per 100ml (Net Content:157ml) : 173 Calories, 8.7g Protein, 12.6g Carbs, 9.7g Milk fat, 300mg Calcium, Iodine 48ug, 135ug Vitamin A, 0.9ug Vitamin D3,0.16ug Vitamin B1, 0.27mg VitaminB2, 0.17mg VitaminB6, 1.0ug VitaminB12, 64ug Folic acid

Pros: Extra Fortified with 28vitamins and minerals

Cons: Contains whole cow’s milk

Rating: 3 stars

Tips: Always check label for skim milk alternative that can help in healthy weight management.

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